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Mel Phoenix of Amber Skye Photography is a product photographer, based in Swansea, South wales, UK.
Mel Phoenix of Amber Skye Photography is a product photographer, based in Swansea, South wales, UK.

When questioned what differentiates her work, she replies: "the undertaking of capturing beauty-- elegance in every one of its facets.".
You've been working as a product photographer for quite some time now. What exactly might you say are the most significant things you've learned?
"That it involves good organization, persistence and an accurate idea of the ultimate photo. Knowing what Light Shaping Tool to use and effective ways to use them in a manner that allows the information in the product come alive is also essential. But among the most essential thing of all is, obviously, to have a good time and really like what you do. Then everything else will certainly come in a natural manner.".
To have a good time and enjoy what you do-- Mels shots of jewelery in natural surroundings are an outcome of that technique. Mel needed something spotless yet detailed that would certainly operate in different dimensions and circumstances.
"I think that in spite of what product you're shooting, you will have to take a closer look at what's exceptional about it. What are its unique selling points, in a manner of speaking? No matter what that is, that's exactly what you should emphasis on. "You just can't only toss light everywhere. You must be refined and in supreme command of the highlights" Product photography lighting options are plentiful nowadays with the help of the freedom that digital cameras now provide. Auto white balance (AWB) is so great on state-of-the-art digital cameras that practically any light could be utilized.
Product photography using daylight gives you the advantage of making use of natural light from the beginning. This means your lighting is closely in tune with your cameras default setups. However daylight might be variable and short lived depending upon the moment of year and your location. You can't control dominating daylight but you can quickly learn the way to utilize and customize it to suit your needs. A vivid but overcast day may possibly be ideal for a product photography project as this light will most likely be even and consistent. Bright continuous sunshine can often be a pain in the neck but now and then it can provide you just the ideal atmosphere you're seeking. To utilize daytime you wish to place and orientate your desk top studio near a doorway or windowpane so the illumination is reaching from the ideal position-- this direction is going to vary depending on your subject. Place any of the white backdrops beyond of your desk top studio to rebound light back on your subject. Use a light diffusing as well as reflection management enclosure.
We use 2 or three lights on a customary shoot and have just recently used all these on a vintage jewelry shoot. These are very portable and robust. They're not daylight colour temperature so if your AWB does not handle, you'll need to set custom white balance on your camera that is very straightforward.

Check out more of Mel's pursue of conquering beauty at her website.

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